Answers: What do you know about Germany?

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Some words about getting points:
Every right answer, known or guessed, gives you one point. If you answered right on all three parts of one question, you get one extrapoint, that is 4 points for this question. That makes the highest possible score of this quiz 40.

32 - 40 points: You are from Germany. And have good general knowledge.
27 - 31 points: Marvellous. Probably you have been to Germany a couple of times.
21 - 26 points: A good result. You can be satisfied.
14 - 20 points: All right. Your knowledge of Germany is about average.
08 - 13 points: It wasn't much. But you know probably, where Germany is situated.
00 - 07 points: Not enough. Even Sauerkraut does not taste that badly.

The right answers:

Question 1: 2-5-6
Frankfurt/Main is situated in Hesse.
Leipzig is to be found in Saxony.
Husum is a small town in Schleswig-Holstein.

Question 2: 4-3-1
"All Quiet on the Western Front" is by Erich Maria Remarque.
"The Broken Jug" is a classical work by Heinrich von Kleist.
"The Clown" was written by Heinrich Böll.

Question 3: 2-3-5
The GDR was founded on Oct. 7th, 1949.
On March 25th, 1957 the EEC was founded.
The Treaty of Schengen was signed on June 14th, 1985.

Question 4: 1-6-4
The Holstein-Tor is in Lübeck.
The Bundeskunsthalle can be seen in Bonn.
The Alte Pinakothek can be found in Munich.

Question 5: 2-5-6
Karl Carstens, Heinrich Lübke and Roman Herzog were federal presidents, coming fronm the CDU.

Question 6: 4-2-3
Charles IV created the Golden Bull.
Francis II abdicated as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
Henry IV went to Canossa.

Question 7: 4-1-5
The Olympic Summergames were held in 1972 in Munich.
The Olympic Wintergames were held in 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
The Soccer World Championship was held in 1974 in Germany.

Question 8: 5-4-3
The euro-szene is held in Leipzig.
The Ruhrfestspiele are held in Recklinghausen.
The Calderon-Festspiele are held in Bamberg.

Question 9: 3-5-1
Hannover is on the Leine.
Berlin is on the Spree.
Heidelberg is situated on the Neckar.

Question 10: 3-2-4
"God is dead" was said by Nietzsche.
"The Thing in Itself" is an expression by Kant.
The Theory of Monades was brought forth by Leibnitz.

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