Name: Andrew Kauntz   Age: 21
Address: 7611 Eve(?) Ave Cleveland Ohio
Born: Feby 21, 1897 *)
Birthplace: Monora, Hungary **)
?: Austria-Hungary
Father's birthplace: Monora, Hungary
Name of employer: The National Tool Co
Place of employment: W 107, Cleveland, Ohio
Name of nearest relative: Mike Kauntz - brother
Address of nearest relative: 7611 Eve(?) Ave, Cleveland, Ohio
Signature: Andrew Kauntz

Color of eyes: Grey
Color of hair: brown - dark
?: No
Date: June 5, 1918

*)The fact, that the official birthday often is given as one day after the actual one, depends on that the notification of the authorities often happend the day after.

**) Monora is the Hungarian name of Donnersmarkt - Hungary: Siebenbürgen or Transylvania was then part of Hungary in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.


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