was born in Västerås and has been living here all the time. He finds life in Västerås being satisfying, but wouldn't mind moving either - to anywhere but Stockholm.

- What is best about Västerås?
That the town centre is quite small, and that everything is located there. Everything is at walking distance, there is no need of taking an underground or busses to get where you wnat to.

- And what is not so good about Västerås?
Its inhabitants. It is hard to make good contact with people here, they are not outgoing enough. I noticed that when I was going to high-school, the air mechanic side, there were almost only pupils from outside of Västerås. What a difference! The others thought as well that it was hard to get to know people here. And that is what you need to do before you can talk with them. It isn't like in a smaller town, or even Gothenburg by the way, that you can talk to anyone about anything.

- What would you recommend a tourist to take a look at?
That is difficult. I usually don't look at such things. Anundshög might be worth a glance, or the cathedral. Djäkneberget, if you want to do some physical exercise, Björnön, or why not take the ferry-boat to the island of Elba? But there are no real sights in Västerås.

- What can one do in everyday-life in Västerås?
You need to have a hobby, to keep you going. I myself play golf and do some shootfighting, which is a japanese sport. But it is hard to find something to do downtown. If one has to kill two hours, there are not many alternatives. You can have a cup of coffee, of course, or you might play a game of billiards at Oxbacken.

- What about pubs and night-life?
That is pretty good. My favorite is Extremes, but also Bankiren is nice. But where you go to depends also on whom you are with and how many people are queueing there.

- Which cultural events are there?
Oh. I don't know. I know where to find the theatre, but that is about all. And concerning cinemas, there are only Filmstaden and Sandrews left, it is a pity that they shut down Prisma.
But Västerås is a great city concerning sports, there is very much to see. In soccer, bandy and icehockey we have really top-teams.

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