was born in Västerås and has lived all of his live in the district of Råby, which he doesn't appreciate so much, though. He thinks that it is a messy district, worn-out by the activities of many children, full of litter and wall-scribbling.

What do you think about Västerås?
In some way there is the same criticism as I mentioned before. Compared to other places, the entire town makes a messy impression. It isn't that bad that people are frightened away from here, but I think that we all could help making our environment look better. I think this is the worst thing about Västerås, but it is hard to compare if you haven't lived anywhere else.
Another boring thing is that people from Västerås are rather introvert, it is hard to make new contacts. You learn to live with that, of course, but I reckon it is a negative fact.
The best part of Västerås is Lake Mälaren. That is to say, it is good that it exists, but we don't use it to the best for the people living here - the industry has occupied the best places.
There are some pretty buildings as well, the cathedral is a very nice example. And the main library is very good and easy to grasp.

How do you travel within the city?
Mostly I go by bike, only if the weather is really bad, I take the bus. And this is another plus for Västerås: the possibilities of going by bike are really outstanding. A good thing is that they keep expanding the biking areas, like right now all the way out to Skultuna.
The local buses do rather well, even if I think that the fares cost too much. If you have to travel in the rush-hours a return-fare costs you 30 crowns a day. That is too much. But anyhow, you can get on all buses, even if it is a bit crowded in the mornings and the evenings.
The possibilities to go to and from Västerås are good enough for my needs. And they too are steadily improved, look at the rising frequency at the airport.

What would you do with visitors, coming to see you in Västerås?
I would plan it this way: nature - culture - history.
On nature's account there are many places to visit, we would of course go to Lake Mälaren and Björnön. Concerning culture, there are quite a lot of activities, like cinemas and theatres, etc. But there are also lots of things done for young people, like the youth centres concentrating on music and theatre. And the historical part is rather large in Västerås. The first session of parliament was held here in 1527. I would also give them some background on how Västerås has grown, being an old working-class town, and together with that the history of ASEA and the electric industry. We would probably also take a stroll through Kyrkbacken and have a look at the old town.

What do you do in your spare-time?
Sometimes I take a fishing-tour on Lake Mälaren, but I am also rather often at the main library. It happens that I take a closer look at some local pub, but then one usually goes in groups, so that you don't meet new people. That has to do with the people's introvert behaviour, I think.

If you had a free wish, what would you change?
Oh. I think it would pretty much be against the trends of our time. I wish that people would feel part of and responsible for their local environment. I wish that all of us had a better chance to influence our own situation. One should feel proud of the district one is living in.
You would have to decentralize decisions, so that everyone had some responsibility. It might be tough in the beginning, because today people usually are told what to do. But they have to get used to be part of everyday-decisions, if we want to build a better society.

A short summary?
I am not so happy in Västerås and I would not mind moving out of here. I would prefer a smaller place, where it would be easier to accomplish the personal responsibility.

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