- Were you born in Västerås?
Most certainly, at the maternity ward here in town. I have also grown up here and have been living here during the last 25 years. In between I was living in Malmö and in Katrineholm.

- What is best about Västerås?
It is a small town, easy to handle, easy to understand and easy to find your way in. It is situated near the water, Östra Holmen and Elba are nice places, some distance away also Strömsholm and Kvicksund. The water is important for me, I like to swim and to sit on a stone and watch the boats.
There have been a lot of nice eating-places in Västerås, but that has changed a lot during the last years. And there is of course the gang of old buddies living here, with whom you have played soccer and indoor-bandy in days gone by.

- What is bad here?
(after a good while of thinking): No, I can't find anything.

- What does one do in sparetime in Västerås?
I go often to the sauna and do some swimming. At Rocklunda there are many soccer-fields, open to use for everybody. Then there is the theatre - I have been working there for some time with scenic work. We have got some cinemas, but I don't go there very often. Maybe we lack some pubs out in the districts, it is a pity that one has to go downtown to find a pub. And then we should be able to buy wine at the grocery, but that concerns the whole country.

- Västerås is a great sporting town, isn't it?
Well no, right now it is a little though. We ought to have a better soccer-team, they should think more of the "show" than just look at the financial part. There are quite a lot of people, who have lost interest in watching soccer. Look at bandy, that is always rocking. At the icehockey there is some good going as well, but I don't watch it.
There were quite a lot more events some yars ago, when we had the Arosspelen in athletics and swimming competitions. What has happened to them, they could have been continued. In handboll there is Irsta on the women's side, but what has happened to VHF? But they are rather good at water-polo...

- What would you recommend a tourist, coming to Västerås?
To start with to see the Castle and the Town Hall, go inside as well, to take a look. Come early in June, take a picnic-basket with you and go to the horse-racing at Strömsholm. Take a good look at our nature all around, take a walk and look at the old mills on the way to Skultuna. And Ängsö of course, not the castle there in the first place, but nature in its surroundings. Tidö Castle and its toy museum as well - and just before getting there the cliff at Rudö, to get a look at all the birds. This you could do at Asköviken too, on the other side. You could go swimming at Johannisberg or take a boat-trip to Sundbyholm Castle, that is a nice tour for a day.

- Do you like to live in Västerås?
Yes, I like it here. But I have a secret dream: I would love to move to Greece and own a little restaurant there. But not in Sweden.... But then again, the girls are much prettier here.

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