- Were you born in Västerås?
No, I have been living in Virsbo until I was 21. I came to Västerås 9 years ago, when I met my husband and got a job here. During my entire youth Västerås has been the "big city", full of enticement, you just wanted to be there. Since I came here I have rooted myself, have my friends here, which gives a feeling of "home", more than the city itself.

- Is Västerås a good place to be living in?
Yes, I think so. It is said to be quite a big city, for Swedish circumstances, which means that you can get most things you need. On the other hand it doesn't feel like a big city and it doesn't take much time to go to places.
It is easy to go by bicycle as well, which is good, because of the physical exercise. Besides, to be able to leave the car at home is prohibiting pollution as well.
Västerås is situated very well, built in a semi-circe around the lake Mälaren. People who are interested in boats will find that an important argument. But we have got nice means of transportation anyhow, even if I think that we don't use our airport as efficiently as possible. But the are a lot of connections by train and it is easy to commute to the smaller villages surrounding the city.

- Say something that isn't that nice in Västerås?
I don't know... Maybe that they have cancelled the bus to the airport, that doesn't make a good impression on visitors. And it is difficult for those leaving, because you have to leave the car there or need someone to drive you, or you have to take a cab. And I think that this will make people hesitate. But I understand that the service must be profitable for the buses as well, and that there were rather few passengers...
Maybe it is a little grey and gloomy downtown, seeing all that concrete, I suppose that that view could be improved on. It is a pity that there isn't more left of the old wooden houses near Svartån. But do keep those! It is important that something remains!

- What would you show friends, visiting Västerås?
The old parts of the city, behind the church, Kyrkbacken. Maybe we would stroll along Svartån och take a look at theVallby Open Air Museum.
Västerås is a good place for tourists, because there are many sights near the city, like the castles at Engsö and Tidö. But it depends on how you can get there, of course...
The closeness to Lake Mälaren is another good thing, to be able to visit those little islands out there by ferry-boat is an advantage, but also Björnön, available by bus, is a nice area for your leisure-time.
Then there is Skultuna and the brass-factory, which might be worth a visit. Shopping might be interesting for tourists as well - we have the Multicenter, a lot of connected buildings, so that you don't need to go outdoors, and all the other stores downtown.

- Is it a good thing that everything is concentrated to the centre?
Oh, but it isn't. Take a look at the district's centre, where I live. There is a bank, a post-office, a library, a pharmacist and a medical centre, a restaurant and a supermarket. That is about everything you could expect and there is all you need for your daily life. There are plenty of parking-places as well.

- What do you think about the cultural life?
I am not so active in this area, so I feel that there is enough. There are the County Theatre and some lesser theatre-groups, quite a lot of music and concerts all over and there are exhibitions at galleries. That is always something you could do. It is obvious that you can't expect to get the biggest events to Västerås, but then it isn't such a long distance to Stockholm.

- You do like living in Västerås?
Yes, definitely.

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