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First some words about getting points:
Every right answer gives you one point, that is a maximum of two points for each philosopher.

The trouble with quizzes on such difficult subjects is, that there are not enough people, who are interested, in order to make a valid table of results. I don't think that more than one out of ten, or maybe even twenty, is going to try this quiz. This is, why the average result must be quite near the guessing level. Below you see my best try, but anyhow, you are a winner if you only attempted to answer these questions.

19 - 20 points: You know a lot about philosophy - but you did some good guessing as well.
17 - 18 points: Outstanding. But you are professional in this subject?
14 - 16 points: Very good. One of one thousand reaches this level.
10 - 13 points: Good. You have probably studied philosophy.
06 - 09 points: This should be the average among those who try this quiz. Quite good.
03 - 05 points: Average. Most people don't know more about this.
00 - 02 points: Your philosophy is daydreaming...

The right answers:
Anaximander 3 (Miletus) 6 (Sundial)
Aristotle 5 (Platon's pupil) 7 (Alexander's teacher)
Descartes 6 (1596 - 1650) 0 (Cogito, ergo sum)
Jaspers 9 (Heidelberg) 3 (Phil. and Existence)
Locke 7 (1632 - 1704) 9 (Tabula rasa)
Nietzsche 4 (Weimar) 4 (God is dead)
Rousseau 8 (Geneva) 1 (Back to Nature)
Russell 0 (Nobel Prize) 2 (Socialist)
Socrates 2 (Xanthippa) 5 (Cup of hemlock)
Wittgenstein 1 (Vienna) 8 (Tractatus)

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