The following 25 cities were hidden: Ath (Belgium), Lahti (Finland), Enns, Linz (both Austria), Praha (Czech Republic), Cork (Ireland), Narvik, Oslo (both Norway), Locarno, Sion (both Switzerland), Stockholm (Sweden), Barcelona, Malaga (both Spain), Birmingham, Manchester, Stoke (all Great Britain), Berlin, Bonn, Mainz (all Germany), Arles, Lyon, Marseille (all France), Napoli, Pisa, Roma (all Italy).

To see where they were hidden, you can take a look at the following table. Every colour stands for one direction only. Red means from left to right, light blue means upwards, light green diagonally upwards, and so on.

Once more: whereas a result of 20 is really good for a person living in Europe, 15 is as good for a non-European. An European average is about 12, people from outside of Europe score 8 on average. But - this is an average of those who give it a try. Don't forget that there are lots of people, who would not even think of trying.

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