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First some words about getting points:
Every right answer gives you one point, that is a maximum of three points for each author, or a total of sixty.

51 - 60 points: Now, what is the 8th word on page 52 in the third edition of....
46 - 50 points: Outstanding - you fancy not only literature, but the 19th century as well?
41 - 45 points: Excellent.
36 - 40 points: Really good international coverage and well founded knowledge.
31 - 35 points: Very good. On the brink of being an expert.
26 - 30 points: Good. You have read some books...
20 - 25 points: Can I detect a little interest in literature?
16 - 20 points: Good average.
11 - 15 points: Low average.
06 - 10 points: This was not your day today....
00 - 05 points: Are you sure you know the meaning of the word "book"?.

The right answers:
Almqvist F O S
Austen L N I
Dickens G K F
Dumas B R D
Fogazzaro C P E
Fontane T H H
Galt N C N
Ibsen J M R
Keller I T P
Machado de Assis M L G
Melville K I Q
Mérimée S J C
Moore H F J
Pérez Galdós E D O
Pushkin A G K
Schnitzler D Q A
Shelley R E L
Tieck P A T
Tolstoy O S B
Twain Q B M

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