1. Of which country is Brussels the capital?

2. Is Brussels situated to the north or to the south of Amsterdam?

3. Flemish is one of the city's official languages. Which is the other one?

4. The fountain on the picture to the right is a sight for tourists. What is it called?

5. What is the name of the square, where you among other sights can find the Town Hall?

6. Which - in Brussels born - singer refers to himself as a French speaking Fleming? "Amsterdam", "If you go away" and "Mijn vlakke land" are some of his songs.

7. The Heysel-Stadium is called after its location, Heysel. But which person is it named after?

8. Which province is situated all around Brussels?

9. The Atomium, built for the exhibition in 1958, shows an atom in an enlargement of 150 million times. An atom of which chemical element?

10. Since 1986 and every second year, a carpet of one million begonias is built on the square in front of the Town Hall. On which day does that happen?

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