1. Of which country is Helsinki the capital?

2. Name two of the three neighbouring countries, with which this country has a land-border.

3. Which are the both official languages in the city?

4. The Olympiastadium remembers still of the Olympic Games. When were they held in Helsinki?

5. Which building can you see here to the right?

6. Helsinki consists of 54 quarters - but how many big districts is the city divided into?

7. What is the name of the fortification on the islands near Helsinki, which after the civil war in 1918 was used as a concentration camp?

  8. In which of the countries regions is Helsinki situated?

  9. Aleksis Kivi is a national writer. But Kivi is a taken name. Which surname had Aleksis, when he was born?

10. Who founded Helsinki in the year 1550?

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