1. Is Stockholm situated to the north or to the south of Copenhagen?

2. On which sea is Stockholm situated?

3. What is the bigger currency in Sweden called?

4. Who has written about Pippi Longstocking?

5. The Nobel Price is awarded every year in Stockholm, on Alfred Nobel's birthday. In which month?

6. In 1814 there came a new dynasty onto the Swedish throne. Charles XIV John was the first king, but even today's royal family are decendents. What is the name of this dynasty?

7. Who is the man on the picture to the right?

  8. The Riddarholmen Church (from the 13th century) was originally part of a monastery. To which orden belonged that monastery

  9. Who made the statue "St. Georg and the dragon", that is to be found in the Old Town (Gamla stan)?

10. How many districts consists Stockholm of?

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