Alphabetical chemical elements

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First one word about getting points:
You get one point for every right answer. It is as esay as that

20 to 22 points: Impressive.You are either a chemist or know the Periodical Law by heart.
17 to 19 points: Excellent. But chemistry is a special interest of yours?
14 to 16 points: Very good. You have a profound knowledge about the chemical elements.
11 to 13 points: Good. You probably even recognize some formulas.
 8 to 10 points: This is o.k. Most people will score here.
 5 to 7 points: Almost o.k., but a little below average.
 2 to 4 points: Not too good. Chemistry isn't one of your strongholds.
 0 to 1 points: Better you don't mix anything else than the milk with your coffee......

The right answers:

A: Arsenic
B: Bromine
C: Cesium
D: Dysprosium
E: Erbium
F: Fluorine
G: Gold
H: Helium
I: Indium
L: Lithium
M: Magnesium
N: Nickel
O: Osmium
P: Platinum
R: Radon
S: Sulfur
T: Titanium
U: Uranium
V: Vanadium
X: Xenon
Y: Ytterbium
Z: Zinc

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