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First some word about getting points:
You start from the events. Every right name to one of them gives you one point. Every right year gives one point as well. Should you have found the name as well as the year to the same event, this will give you one extrapoint, that is a total of 3 on this question. But please remember, that matched name and year for a wrong event won’t give any point.

30 - 36 points: Very impressive. Do you know by heart, whenever something happened?
24 - 29 points: Excellent. You got only a few years wrong here and there.
18 - 23 points: Very good. You’re timing the events quite accurately.
12 - 17 points: This is o.k. Average.
07 - 11 points: Enough. But not more.
00 - 06 points: Do you really know, that there were people living before your time?

The right answers:

First exhibition of impressionist-paintings in Paris    Claude Monet    1874
The first camera for moving pictures Lumière Brothers    1895
The battle of Waterloo Napoleon    1815
American Civil War Gettysburg    1863
First Olympic Games Athens    1896
The Crimean War Florence Nightingale       1853
The play ”Amphitryon” is published Heinrich von Kleist    1807
The first stamp in the world Queen Victoria    1840
A landmark of Paris Gustave Eiffel    1889
Communist Manifesto Friedrich Engels    1848
First lightbulb Thomas Edison    1879
Discovery of Troy Heinrich Schliemann    1870

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