How much do you know about France? What do you know about its people? We give you 10 questions, each divided into 3 parts. And we give you 6 answers. Make your choice and write down your answers. For every correct answer you get 1 point. If you answer correctly on all 3 parts of the same question you get 1 extrapoint, that is 4 points on that question.

All set? Good luck!

Question  1: In which region can you find

A: Avignon           1: Corsica
B: Mont St. Michel           2: Brittany
C: Ajaccio           3: Provence
            4: Normandy
            5: Quercy
            6: Burgundy

Question  2: What was the Christian name of the following presidents?

A: Mitterand           1: Francois
B: Pompidou           2: Charles
C: Giscard d'Estaing           3: Georges
            4: Lionel
            5: Valéry
            6: Jacques

Question  3: In which region are the following wines produced?

A: Rosé d'Anjou           1: Languedoc
B: Beaujolais           2: Valley of the Rhone
C: Cassis           3: Bordelais
            4: Valley of the Loire
            5: Burgundy
            6: Provence

Question 4: Which of the following events coincide with the years?

A: 1661           1: The French Revolution starts
B: 1793           2: Louis XIV mounts the throne
C: 1815           3: The Battle of Waterloo
            4: Philipp IV becomes king
            5: Louis XVI is executed
            6: Napoleon Bonaparte is born

Question 5: Which three of the following skiing resorts belong to France?

  1: St. Moritz
  2: Chamonix
  3: Megève
  4: La Plagne
  5: Villars-Gryon
  6: Nauders

Question 6: In which sports were the following persons active?

A: Bernard Hinault           1: swimming
B: Jean-Claude Killy           2: boxing
C: Michel Platini           3: soccer
            4: handball
            5: cycling
            6: skiing

Question 7: Find the right author to each of the following books.

A: Around the World in 80 Days           1: Gustave Flaubert
B: Madame Bovary           2: Jules Verne
C: Nana           3: Alexandre Dumas
            4: Philippe Sollers
            5: Victor Hugo
            6: Emile Zola

Question 8: Which painters are known for which motives?

A: motives from the South Seas           1: Paul Cezanne
B: water lilies           2: Auguste Renoir
C: Mont Sainte-Victoire           3: Edouard Manet
            4: Claude Monet
            5: Henri Matisse
            6: Paul Gauguin

Question 9: What are you served, if you order the following?

A: Bouillabaisse           1: asperagus
B: Escargots           2: mussels
C: Asperge           3: snails
            4: fishsoup
            5: beans
            6: crabs

Question 10: Which cities are famous for the following?

A: mustard           1: Rouen
B: film festival           2: Bordeaux
C: Saint-Remi basilica           3: Reims
            4: Dijon
            5: Cannes
            6: Lyon

Bernhard Kauntz, 2004

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