Answers: What do you know about Austria?

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Some words about getting points:
Every right answer, known or guessed, gives you one point. If you answered right on all three parts of one question, you get one extrapoint, that is 4 points for this question. That makes the highest possible score of this quiz 40.

31 - 40 points: You are from Austria. And have good general knowledge.
25 - 30 points: Marvellous. Probably you have been to Austria a couple of times.
19 - 24 points: A good result. You can be satisfied.
12 - 18 points: All right. Your knowledge of Austria is about average.
07 - 11 points: It wasn't much. But you know probably, where Austria is situated.
00 - 06 points: Not enough. There are no kangaroos in Austria.

The right answers:

Question 1: 5-3-4
Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol.
In Carinthia the capital is Klagenfurt.
Kapfenberg is situated in Styria.

Question 2: 2-5-4
A "Marille" is an apricot.
"Ribisel" are currants.
A "Zwetschke" is a plum.

Question 3: 1-3-5
The symphony "The Titan" was composed by Gustav Mahler.
"Der Bettelstudent" is an opus by Karl Millöcker.
The "Marriage of Figaro" is an opera by Mozart.

Question 4: 6-2-4
The Uhrturm (clocktower) is a landmark in Graz.
Klagenfurt is known for its Lindwurm (wyvern).
The Goldenes Dachl (golden roof) is situated in Innsbruck.

Question 5: 3-4-5
Hallstätter See, Mondsee and Traunsee are lakes, situated in the Salzkammergut.

Question 6: 1-3-6
In 1453 Austria became an archduchy.
The second seige of Vienna by the Turks happened in 1683. (The first one in 1529.)
The Burgenland became part of Austria in 1921 after a plebiscite.

Question 7: 2-5-6
Annemarie Pröll won the olympic downhill race in Lake Placid in 1980.
Franz Klammer won the race on home ground in Innsbruck in 1976.
Toni Sailer won all three disciplines in Cortina d'Ampezzo in 1956.

Question 8: 3-1-5
Friedrich III was father of Maximilian I.
Leopold I was father of Karl VI.
Emperor Franz Joseph I was son to archduke Franz Karl.

Question 9: 5-4-3
Bertha von Suttner was awarded the peace prize.
Karl Landsteiner found the blood types. Medicine.
Richard Kuhn was awarded the prize in chemistry, due to his research on vitamines.

Question 10: 3-4-6
Otto Wagner was an architect.
Herbert von Karajan conducted many orchestras.
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller was a painter from the romantic period.

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