How much do you know about Germany? What do you know about its people? We give you 10 questions, each divided into 3 parts. And we give you 6 answers. Make your choice and write down your answers. For every correct answer you get 1 point. If you answer correctly on all 3 parts of the same question you get 1 extrapoint, that is 4 points on that question.

All set? Good luck!

Question  1: In which federal state can you find the following cities?

A: Frankfurt/Main           1: Brandenburg
B: Leipzig           2: Hesse
C: Husum           3: Lower Saxony
            4: Rhineland-Palatinate
            5: Saxony
            6: Schleswig-Holstein

Question  2: Who wrote what?

A: All Quiet on the Western Front           1: Heinrich Böll
B: The Broken Jug           2: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
C: The Clown           3: Heinrich von Kleist
            4: Erich Maria Remarque
            5: Hans Fallada
            6: Kurt Tucholsky

Question  3: When did this happen?

A: The GDR was founded           1: 23.5.1949
B: The EEC was founded           2: 7.10.1949
C: Schengen: Abolition of border control within the EU           3: 25.3.1957
            4: 13.8.1961
            5: 14.6.1985
            6: 1.1.1992

Question 4: In which cities do you find the following sights?

A: The Holstein-Tor           1: Lübeck
B: The Bundeskunsthalle           2: Berlin
C: The Alte Pinakothek           3: Hamburg
            4: Munich
            5: Stuttgart
            6: Bonn

Question 5: Which three of these federal presidents came from the CDU?

  1: Gustav Heinemann
  2: Karl Carstens
  3: Johannes Rau
  4: Theodor Heuss
  5: Heinrich Lübke
  6: Roman Herzog

Question 6: Which emperor is remembered for the following?

A: Creation of the Golden Bull           1: Otto I
B: Abdication as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire           2: Francis II
C: Walk to Canossa           3: Henry IV
            4: Charles IV
            5: Wilhelm IV
            6: Charles V

Question 7: Germany has been host to big sporting events quite a few times. In which year happened the following?

A: Olympic Summergames in Munich           1: 1936
B: Olympic Wintergames in Garmisch-Partenkirchen           2: 1954
C: Soccer World Championship (besides 2006)           3: 1966
            4: 1972
            5: 1974
            6: 1982

Question 8: Where are the following festivals to be seen?

A: the euro-szene           1: Berlin
B: the Ruhrfestspiele           2: Hamburg
C: the Calderon-Festspiele           3: Bamberg
            4: Recklinghausen
            5: Leipzig
            6: Fürth

Question 9: Most people know that Frankfurt is situated on the Main or the Oder. But on which rivers do you find the following cities?

A: Hannover           1: Neckar
B: Berlin           2: Elbe
C: Heidelberg           3: Leine
            4: Lahn
            5: Spree
            6: Rhine

Question 10: With which pilosopher do we connect the following ideas?

A: God is dead (Gott ist tot)           1: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
B: the Thing in Itself (Das Ding an sich)           2: Immanuel Kant
C: the Theory of Monads           3: Friedrich Nietzsche
            4: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz
            5: Johann Gottlieb Fichte
            6: Martin Heidegger

Bernhard Kauntz, 2005

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