Anna (Pauline, n. Mörth, rm. Schüppler)

born Mar 12, 1897 in Vienna, Austria
died Feb 10, 1974 in Vienna, Austria
image from 1958

daughter of Alois Mörth, born June 6th 1858 in Vitis, died Oct. 16th, 1943 and Marie Mörth, n. Binder, born Oct. 29th, 1856 in Ottenschlag, died Sep. 8th, 1933

together with Andreas parent of: Robert (Andreas)
together with Heinrich Schüppler parent of: Melanie Distinger (n. Schüppler)

An envelope of a letter, sent to "Wohlgeb. Fräulein Anny Mörth" on Aug. 9th, 1917 by Andreas from Karolinenthal, Prag
Notice the placing of the stamp, probably signifying a secret "stamp-language", which shows how little times change, when in love...

source: Bernhard Kauntz
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