Elsie (Mildred)

born about 1892 in Accrington, Lancashire, England

daughter of William (George) and Sarah (n. Schofield)

Elsie Mildred Kauntze was a famous teacher of singing at the Royal Manchester College of Music. Notable students: Elizabeth Harwood, Marjorie Thomas, Honor Sheppard, Catherine Wilson.
Elsie's professional name was Elise Thurston so most people know of her under that name.

Every year at the Royal Northern College of Music (the former Royal Manchester College) there is a Singing competition called the Elsie Thurston Memorial Prize.
In the college archives there is a collection of correspondance/ letters that belonged to Elsie and obviously included are letters in her own hand.
She was regarded as very kind person and she would take her sister Nora to watch many of her students perform. Elizabeth Harwood being the most notable and was an internationally famous Soprano.

Elsie took over at RMCM in 1924/1925 after the death of her singing teacher Sarah Andrew so Elsie taught Sarah's students.

Source: Jayne Wilson and Harry Kauntze
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