Johann, Edler von Tannenried

born Oct. 7th, 1875*) in Schäßburg, Romania
died January 1970

son of Johann, Edler von Tannenried and (Amalia) Bertha (n. Dück)

1904: Dem Geniestab zugeteilter Oberoffizier der Infanterie (Oberleutnant since 01.05.1899), Pionierbataillon 7 (Budapest)
Hauptmann im Geniestab (Captain in the Genie's Staff) since 01.05.1905
promoted to Major on Aug. 1st, 1914
promoted to Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant-Colonel) on Aug. 1st, 1916
After World War I he joined the Royal Hungarian Army
promoted to Oberst (Colonel) in 1920
promoted to Generalmajor (Major-General) on Sep. 1st, 1923
promoted to Feldmarschalleutnant (Lieutenant-General) on Nov. 1st, 1926
It is said that he retired at age 52, because he refused to change his name into the hungarian form János.

Befestigungsbaudir. (Fortification Director) Budapest
1921 - ?: Chief of Engineers, Military Technical Institute
? - 1 Aug 1926: Chief of Section 3/d, Ministry of Defense
1 Aug 1926 - 1 Feb 1928: Unassigned
1 Feb 1928: Retired

- Bronzene Militärverdienstmedaille am (roten) Band des Militärverdienstkreuzes (see document)
- Bronzene Jubiläumserinnerungsmedaille
- Militär-Jubiläumskreuz
- Bosnisch-hercegowinische Erinnerungsmedaille
- Erinnerungskreuz
He had added the following decorations by 1918:
Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class with War Decoration and Swords (see document)
Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration and Swords (see document)
Bronze Military Merit Medal on the ribbon of the Military Merit Cross

Personal data (from the k.u.k. Army)
Exerpt from "Ranglisten des k.u.k. Heeres 1917"

*)another source gives his birthday as Nov. 7th

sources: Richard Ackner
The Austrian-Hungarian Land Forces 1848 - 1918 Forum
Erik Naberhuis (who has supported images of the beautiful documents)

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