born Apr. 14th, 1808 in Donnersmarkt, Romania*)
occupation: farmer
married Nov. 23rd, 1831 to Maria (n. Wagner)***)
died Feb. 8th, 1883 in Donnersmarkt, Romania

son of Georg**)

together with Maria (n. Wagner) parent of Georg

*)Apr. 14th, 1808 is actually the date of the baptizing. When marrying in 1831, his age is given as 26 years old, which would imply a birth about 1805. There is no doubt about the correctness of his identity though, as his death is the same date in both sources.
**) The churchbook entries are really fascinating. The entry of his baptizing refers to Johann as Johannes, son of Georgii (genitive form of Georgius), whereas the marriage-entry calls him "Bursche Joann" (without the "h") - which probably shows how literate the acting priest was.

***)The pedigree of Andreas mentions a marriage from Jan. 13th, 1864 to a Maria Kast, born March 16th, 1816. This is possibly a remarriage, but Maria Kast cannot be the mother of Georg.

source: Bernhard Kauntz, Hans Kauntz and Monika Ferrier (microfilms of Donnersmarkt churchbook, pages 21 and 48)
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