born Aug. 3rd, 1830 in Donnersmarkt
married Sep. 4th, 1861 to Katharina (n. Ackert)

son of Johann (9) and ?

together with Katharina (n. Ackert) parent of Katharina (m. Kraus)(2)
together with Katharina (n. Ackert) parent of Maria (m. Schmidt)(2)

There is a note, saying that Martin (6) was married (same weeding-date) to Maria Emerich, which i unlikely though, as the firstborn girl usually was named after her mother. As the above daughters are born before the given date of wedding, it seems possible, that Martin married Maria Emerich in a second marriage on Sep. 4th, 1861.

source: Donnersmarkt in Siebenbürgen, Familienbuch
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