Susanne (n. Konradt)

born Jan. 13th, 1854 in Donnersmarkt, Romania
living in houses #17 and #124*)
died Feb. 2nd, 1917

daughter of Michael Konradt *31.1.1825 in Donnersmarkt, +14.7.1875**) in Donnersmarkt, occupation: farmer, (son of Andreas Conrad and Maria Speck*), married Nov. 23rd, 1814) and Anna Emrich, *5.5.1825 in Donnersmarkt, +9.12.1894 in Donnersmarkt (daughter of Martin Emerich and Maria Frohlig**))***). Her parents married in Donnersmarkt Nov. 27th, 1844.
she had a sister Maria *1851, brothers Simon *1853, Mathias *July 25th, 1865 and another 3 brothers

*) Maria Speck's father was Georg Speck. **) Maria Frohlig's father was Michael Frohlig. ***) The spelling of family names changed quite a lot at those times, partly due to the ambition of those who entered the records, partly due to assimilation, etc. So is Konradt (the most common form today) spelt Conrad, Konrad or Conradt. Emrich has evolved from Emerich and Frohlig became Frohlich and Fröhlich.

together with Georg parent of Georg (30)
together with Georg parent of Maria
together with Georg parent of Michael (37)
together with Georg parent of Susanna (2)
together with Georg parent of Thomas

*) The churchbook entries give the house numbers, at childbirth. Until 1884, when Susanna was born, they were living in house #17, but in 1889, at the birth of Thomas, they apparently had moved to house #124.

Another source, the pedigree of Andreas mentions Michael Konradts deathdate as Jan. 14th, 1875

According to the pedigree of Andreas, they had 6 children (4 sons and 2 daughters)

source: Bernhard Kauntz, Hans Kauntz and Monika Ferrier (microfilms of Donnersmarkt churchbook, pages 11, 86 and 102)
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