First Bike-View-Tour in Västerås' Surroundings

The day after I had got the idea, I left for the first time. The weather was slightly cloudy, but sunny. There was not too much wind and the temperature was 18 degrees on the Celsius scale. Perfect for biking! Here we go:

My choice of photos will be on the left side and the pictures taken in a right angle will be to the right.
Kilometer 0: Here I live, top left.
(right angle): And a picture to my left, the bikes' garage.

Kilometer 1: Heading south. The road to the left is the border of my district, the city is about 6 km to the left.
(right angle): Being in a sink, there are bushes at both sides. This is the nicer one.

Kilometer 2: I just passed another tunnel, now under the railroad. No people are living here any more, a small industrial area begins.
(right angle): Again I have bushes on both sides, this doesn't start too exiting ...

Kilometer 3: End of civilization. The last bus-stop of the city. We are in Hacksta, an industrial area.
(right angle): Looking back the way I came from.

Kilometer 4: Closing up to a former village, called Lundby. Today there are only four or five houses inhabited here.
(right angle): Another look backwards. I was coming from the left, in front of the trees. I am no longer southbound, going more to the west now.

Kilometer 5: I've just passed Lundby church and all of the village.
(right angle): At the horizon the rest of the industrial area at Hacksta.

Kilometer 6: If you have very good eyes, you can see a farmer working his grounds on a tractor. I am going to follow the road you can see.
(right angle): This is the road I came on. Sorry, not really much to see around here.

Kilometer 7: Ha! A close-up! A farmhouse near the village of Bärby, which is a very new settlement. I remember that they started building here, when I was there last time, about six years ago.
(right angle): In the background parts of the new settlement (already passed). Alltogether there may be ten or twelve new houses. In front there are post-boxes.

Kilometer 8: A living creature! You have to look very closely, then you might see a cow behind the trees. Actually there were three cows.
(right angle): I'll be going that way. Finally downhill.

Kilometer 9: Closing in to a village called Dingtuna, by far the biggest on my trip. About a thousand people are living there. You can see the tower of the church of Dingtuna. Here you can read more about the church.
(right angle): The road-sign (in blue) gives one kilometer to Dingtuna (to the right) and ten kilometers to Barkarö (there is nothing in between).

Kilometer 10: A house in Dingtuna.
(right angle): In the background more of Dingtuna. We are going north again, passing under the railroad below the tunnel in front.

Kilometer 11: Now we have turned back east, going home along the usual road between Västerås and Dingtuna.
(right angle): The left part of the road is the bikers' lane. Spacy and safe to drive a bike there.

Kilometer 12: Still alongside the same road, not much else to see.
(right angle): Still heading towards Västerås.

Kilometer 13: A new building, one that wasn't here six years ago. But it is for rent, it says on the sign.
(right angle): The road-sign gives the distance to the next village: 13 kilometers to Hallstahammar. In the background the outermost district of Västerås: Skälby.

Kilometer 14: Houses in Skälby, another rather new, growing area of Västerås. (It isn't askew though. It is me, holding the camera slightly sideways. Maybe I start getting tired by now?) :-)
(right angle): Looking backwards.

Kilometer 15: The road dividing the districts of Skälby and my own district, called Bäckby.
(right angle): In the background the first houses of Bäckby, the district, where I live.

Kilometer 16: A childrens' playground in Bäckby.
(right angle): Up and around the turn and you are almost at the centre of Bäckby.

Kilometer 17: This looks very much like the last picture, but it still is a kilometer apart. From here it is only about 300 meters home.
(right angle): And I have bushes on both sides, this doesn't end too exiting  either. :-)

On the other hand it gives a true picture of how it does look like around Västerås. I found it very exiting to see, in which places I had to take the photos. And most certainly the biking tour by itself was healthy. :-) So, there will be more ...

Bernhard Kauntz, Västerås 2014

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