Second Bike-View-Tour in Västerås' Surroundings

Two days later I was out on my bike again - and I took the camera with me. The same premises were applied. I went due south this time:

My choice of photos will be on the left side and the pictures taken in a right angle will be to the right.
Kilometer 1: Heading south on another road than the last time.
(right angle): This is an area, where you can find a lot of service companies.

Kilometer 2: On the bridge over the railway. The chimneys in the background are part of the thermal power station. You shall see it from quite some different angles throughout the tour.
(right angle): In the background the district of Hammarby. I am happy to get some action on the photo (the car). :-)

Kilometer 3: A lot closer to the power plant now.
(right angle): I'll be going straight through that tunnel. But you see, there is no chance to get a nice shot sideways. It is all bushes.

Kilometer 4: I think, I have never been biking here before. Or it must have been a very long time ago.
(right angle): Sweden is a large country and the electricity has to be transported over vast distances.

Kilometer 5: Looking straight into the jungle.
(right angle): You can see that it is very flat here. That is because all of this area was under water about only a thousand years ago. The landmass is still lifting, after having been suppressed under the enormous weight of the ice during the Ice Age.

Kilometer 6: At the horizon (under the tree) you can still spot the chimney of the power plant.
(right angle): Looking back at the road I came on.

Kilometer 7: No, they don't sell cars here. It is the parking lot of a golf club.
(right angle): And there is still a lot of space left for more cars. If I ever start playing golf, I'll know, where to go.

Kilometer 8: I have reached the turning point now. From here onwards it goes north again. You noticed the chimney, didn't you?
(right angle): A pity, that I am not allowed to handle the photos. I would love to lift the right one a couple of millimeters, in order to make a panaorama-view of the two pictures.

Kilometer 9: Coming back into inhabited area again. I am now at the village of Fullerö. People used to have their summer-houses here, but nowadays more and more people live here all around the year.
(right angle): Outside of the city you might have to bike on normal roads, but Swedish cardrivers are normally very considerate and give you a lot of space.

Kilometer 10: Here is already a bikers' lane, leading alongside the road to the left.
(right angle): Bushes. You might become a botanist, if you bike much ...

Kilometer 11: There is a big campingsite alongside the Lake Mälaren.
(right angle): Trying to get close to the lake, but it is prohibited by nature a couple of times.

Kilometer 12: Finally I succeed. Lake Mälaren stretches all the way to Stockholm (a good 100 km) and the Baltic Sea. At the horizon you can see the city of Västerås.
(right angle): And here - of course - the chimney of the power plant - now closer again.

Kilometer 13: Looking back.
(right angle): Then I am lucky. While I have the camera in shooting position, I become part of real live action. A parachute is dropping down. There is a small airfield right ahead, from which planes take the parachuters up into the sky.

Kilometer 14: Somebody working at the power plant, which I pass again on my way back.
(right angle): The fence alongside the power plant.

Kilometer 15: Close to the industrial area we passed on tour one.
(right angle): Some store-house for food, which hasn't been here six years ago.

Kilometer 16: Back in Bäckby, the district in which I live.
(right angle): One of the villas in Bäckby.

Kilometer 17: Now we are very close to home again. I just have to cross the next street.
(right angle): A childrens' playing park. It isn't too crowded, though ...

As the weatherforecast said, that we would have a warm and nice weekend, I decided to go on with this experiment. So, there will be more ...

Bernhard Kauntz, Västerås 2014

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