Third Bike-View-Tour in Västerås' Surroundings

This time I went in northern direction, trying to cover the northern parts of the city, to get away from the bushes. The same premises as before were applied. See yourself:

My choice of photos will be on the left side and the pictures taken in a right angle will be to the right.
Kilometer 1: Interesting effect with the light coming through the tunnel.
(right angle): But I wonder, how big the chances are, that my exact kilometers always are in a sink. Above the tunnel the motorway E 18, Stockholm - Oslo, leads its way.

Kilometer 2: Biking to a district called Vallby. This is one "classical" Swedish house, wooden and painted in so called Falu-red, with white windows and doors. The red colour is a left-over from the mining of copper in Falun - thereof the name.
(right angle): The neighbour-estate to the first house. People tend to look at me, when they see me taking random photos ...

Kilometer 3: Because of the landscape format of the pictures I couldn't get all of the house on the photo. This is the "skyscraper" in the centre of Vallby. In the early Eighties the City of Västerås decided to build a skyscraper in the centre of every district.
(right angle): A city-bus just leaving the stop on the parking lot in front of the centre.

Kilometer 4: Houses in the northern part of Vallby.
(right angle): This is, where I am heading towards.

Kilometer 5: Biking on a northern connection, the Norrleden, eastwards, I shall take off to Billsta further to the North.
(right angle): Can you see the forest because of all the trees? :-) But I don't know, if that is really a joke in English. You'll have to translate that sentence into German or Swedish.

Kilometer 6: In Billsta. I should mention, that I never get off my bike, when taking photos. I stand over it and just turn my body, in order not to influence the photos too much.
(right angle): A very big and nice bush with the whitebordered leaves. Whatever it may be called.

Kilometer 7: Back from Billsta, in direction of the City. All of those lanes are only for bikes and pedestrians.
(right angle): A photo right against the sun. I think I am lucky, that the pictures turn out that nicely, as they do. I wouldn't have any spare to put in.

Kilometer 8: Another tunnel. They are annoying, when you have to take pictures there, but they mean also, that you are not on the same level with car traffic.
(right angle): The sign on the house tells you, that you can get food from Libanon there, as well as sandwiches.

Kilometer 9: The Bellevue. This is a sporting centre, where you can play tennis, squash, table tennis, bowling, badminton and more. A good thirty years ago I played quite some bowling matches there.
(right angle): A bus stop. To the right of that road there are mainly outdoor activities, like soccer, riding, and so on.

Kilometer 10: The stadium is new, it wasn't there six years ago. It is called Swedbank Park. Well - a good thing, that a bank takes the costs for building a stadium, isn't it? NO! It would have been much better to tax the bank much higher, so that society could build that stadium. It should belong to the people, not to a bloody bank!
(right angle): The road ahead leads down to the City, but I shall turn right, in order to come home again.

Kilometer 11: On the motorway-bridge of the E18. A photo through the fence shows old style tenement houses.
(right angle): Even on the bridge you have spacy bikers' lanes on both sides.

Kilometer 12: Back to Vallby, but now on the very southern side of that district.
(right angle): The way I came from - with another tunnel.

Kilometer 13: Wenströmska skolan is a highschool.
(right angle): During schooltime there are lots and lots of bikes parked here.

Kilometer 14: A neighbour district, called Råby. You can see its "skyscraper".
(right angle): To the left there is a very big area of grass. Once upon a time there were four or five soccerfields. Today there stand two abandoned, old goals.

Kilometer 15: Home again. Furthest back there is the house, that I live in.
(right angle): The road on which I started off on tour one.

And as Sunday indeed was nice as well, I just kept going. So, there will be more ...

© Bernhard Kauntz, Västerås 2014

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