Fourth Bike-View-Tour in Västerås' Surroundings

As the weather still was nice on Sunday, I went out into the bushes again, in northwestern direction. Partly I didn't feel too comfortably. The same premises as before were applied. See yourself:

My choice of photos will be on the left side and the pictures taken in a right angle will be to the right.
Kilometer 1: There is a colony of small vegetable gardens, where people grow - well, vegetables. :-)
(right angle): This is the way I was coming from. To the left, behind the car, there is a recycling station.

Kilometer 2: This is an area, where there are big warehouses, often multinational ones, like MediaMarkt, IKEA and so on.
(right angle): At the end of the road there is something very Swedish - the Systembolaget. Which is the state's monopoly on alcohol. Anything with more alcohol than 3,5% you can't get anywhere else.

Kilometer 3: I'm going to drive up to that bus-stop and then continue on the road.
(right angle): But - of course - I am in another sink, when taking these photos.

Kilometer 4: This wasn't really what I had expected. It used to be a nice road with a nice bikers' lane. But not! I suspect, that I am not allowed to drive there at all - but in the name of the experiment, I go on.
(right angle): Some farmhouse off the main road.

Kilometer 5: Finally I have come to a cross-road, where I can leave that narrow strip, on which I was biking.
(right angle): The main road continues though.

Kilometer 6: Off the main road it is rather idyllic again.
(right angle): But apart from nature there is not much to see. I notice the red leaves though, on the tree straight ahead in the background.

Kilometer 7: Something as dramatic as a fallen tree ... That is nature's own way to rejuvenile.
(right angle): I am in Vångsta now, which is a village, a couple of kilometers long, with houses just alongside the road. You can read more about Vångsta and its hidden treasures.

Kilometer 8: Again you see houses painted in "Falu-red" with white doors and windows.
(right angle): You see the shadow of the cattle fence on the picture to the left.

Kilometer 9: The road stretches ahead without much change. But, on the other hand, when there is not much to see, you tend to notice more details.
(right angle): Those "bushes" - they are actually small trees - are fast growing and used for firing thermal power stations.

Kilometer 10: Coming to the end of the valley of Vångsta, there is a bigger farm in the background.
(right angle): All the way through Vångsta, I met three cars and two people on a bicycle. That is not very much traffic in a good quarter of an hour ...

Kilometer 11: Again we cross under the E18, the Stockholm-Oslo connection.
(right angle): But of course, there is not much more to see than the slopes on both sides. Then again, it was the intention to shoot photos randomly, in order to show different views.

Kilometer 12: This is a new road, it wasn't here six years ago. But it leads towards Västerås - and that is, why I take it.
(right angle): Neither was there a parking for all those trucks.

Kilometer 13: The district of Skälby. We have been here on tour one already - but there are not so many different roads leading home.
(right angle): The road between Västerås and Dingtuna. I shall soon take off left, into an area, where we haven't been before.

Kilometer 14: Now we are closer to the houses of Skälby.
(right angle): Within the city the red-white houses are not so predominant any more. Other colours mix into it in an ever higher degree.

Kilometer 15: We are already in Bäckby. The white house in the background is one of the five terrace-houses, where every flat has a terrace about 25 squaremeters large.
(right angle): On the other side of the road there is a village quarter, with people fencing themselves in.

Kilometer 16: Home again. Just one street to the left to go.
(right angle): You see the yellow brick-houses, typical for this area.

My last tour, downtown, I wanted to do the next day, on Monday, but it was raining. So, there will be more ... eventually.

© Bernhard Kauntz, Västerås 2014

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