Fifth Bike-View-Tour in Västerås' Surroundings

I didn't have to wait too long for better weather, so I could finish my aim just a couple of days later and go on with the downtown-tour.

My choice of photos will be on the left side and the pictures taken in a right angle will be to the right.
Kilometer 1: The next district in direction to the city is called Råby.
(right angle): For emergency cars it is possible to drive in here, but normal cartraffic is forbidden, so that bikers find lots of space.

Kilometer 2: The road is one of the three main roads leading from the western districs to the city.
(right angle): Luckily it is the first time I had to take a picture really "in" a tunnel. But you might enjoy the construction of it ...

Kilometer 3: This is one of the many churches in and around Västerås. Clicking on the link you can have a closer look at them (only in Swedish, though).
(right angle): This is one of the steeper hills within the boundaries of the city.

Kilometer 4: We stand on top of Oxbacken (Oxen Hill) and look down to the city. This is one of the two mainstreets, the other one crossing it about half way.
(right angle): Oxbacken is still just outside of the city. On the map you can easily see the circle around inner Västerås, Cityringen, which is supposed to catch most of the traffic and relieve the city from unnecessary cars.

Kilometer 5: Inside the city. The tower in the background is part of the Town Hall.
(right angle): The very inner parts of the city are mostly for pedestrians and bikes only.

Kilometer 6: Behind the trees you can see the tower of the Town Hall.
(right angle): We are now in Wasaparken, named after King Gustaf Wasa, who threw out the Danes as rulers of Sweden in the 16th century.

Kilometer 7: In the harbour. On the second tour you can see a photo of this area from the other side of the lake.
(right angle): Newly built apartments with a marvellous view over the lake and marvellous costs per squaremeter.

Kilometer 8: Between railway and lake there is an open air bath, Lögarängen (Washing Meadow).
(right angle): Going home again, alongside the railway and the lake in the background.

Kilometer 9: In the background still the railway - there is a local depot for the trains.
(right angle): We are now in the district of Karlsberg - but it has nothing to do with the Danish beer, which is spelled with a "C" in the beginning.

Kilometer 10: The houses are part of the district of Hammarby.
(right angle): Here and there are quite some impressive trees around as well.

Kilometer 11: On the other side of the road we will be be on home ground, back in Bäckby.
(right angle): Plantagen (Plantation) on the other side of the road is a huge florists and gardening shop.

Kilometer 12: In the background there are the yellow brick-houses of Bäckby.
(right angle): Just a couple of hundred meters ahead and to the left and the experiment will be all done. Thank you for joining.

This was the last of the five planned tours. There are many bushes and many roads on the photos, but then it was the intention to show you what it looks like around here. Of course, "sights" might be more spectacular to look at - but the sights of Västerås you can find on other pages in the Werbeka Netshop. This series has probably shown you, that Västerås is not too exiting, but very biking-friendly and very green. I hope, you enjoyed it.

Bernhard Kauntz, Västerås 2014

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