Alphabetical Cities of the World

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First one word about getting points:
You get as much points as the level was worth, when you found the right answer. If you answered on the very first clue, that gives you 5 points. If you needed all the clues before answering right, you get 1 point.

99 to 130 points: Unbelievable. You could make a fortune on any turf with your guessing ability...
79 to 98 points: Impressive. You made the best of the clues and you know a lot about geography.
65 to 78 points: Excellent. Probably some of your early guesses paid off as well.
55 to 64 points: Very good. You have more than a fair knowledge of global geography.
45 to 54 points: Good. You are familiar with most of the world's biggest cities.
35 to 44 points: This is o.k. Average scoring.
25 to 34 points: Almost o.k. But the world is bigger than you imagine.
13 to 24 points: Not so good. I suppose you are not really interested in geography.
 0 to 12 points: This quiz was made for people living on our Earth of course....

The right answers:

A: Athens
B: Brisbane
C: Chicago
D: Damascus
E: Edinburgh
F: Frankfurt (am Main)
G: Guatemala City
H: Harare
I: Innsbruck
J: Johannesburg
K: Kuala Lumpur
L: Las Vegas
M: Melbourne
N: Naples
O: Odessa
P: Perth
Q: Quebec
R: Rio de Janeiro
S: Santiago (de Chile)
T: Tunis
U: Ulundi
V: Vientiane
W: Warsaw
X: Xiamen
Y: Yokohama
Z: Zagreb

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