Answers: What do you know about Italy?

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Some words about getting points:
Every right answer, known or guessed, gives you one point. If you answered right on all three parts of one question, you get one extrapoint, that is 4 points for this question. That makes the highest possible score of this quiz 40.

31 - 40 points: You are Italian. And have good general knowledge.
25 - 30 points: Marvellous. Probably you have been to Italy a couple of times.
20 - 24 points: A good result. You can be satisfied.
14 - 19 points: All right. Your knowledge of Italy is about average.
08 - 13 points: It wasn't much. But you know probably, where Italy is situated.
00 - 07 points: Not enough. The Mediterrean Sea isn't as deep as this.

The right answers:

Question 1: 6-5-3
Chievo is from Verona.
Juventus Turin
Sampdoria plays in Genoa.

Question 2: 3-1-5
Giulio Andreotti
Bettino Craxi
Romano Prodi

Question 3: 2-5-4
Florence is situated on the Arno.
Turin is near the springs of the Po.
Perugia is situated on the Tiber. Yes, Rome is as well.

Question 4: 5-3-4
In 509 BC the last king was expelled from Rome.
In 218 BC the Second Punic War started against Hannibal and the elefants.
In 44 BC Ceasar was murdered.

Question 5: 1-3-6
The Adriatic, the Ionian and the Tirreno Sea border on Italy.

Question 6: 5-2-1
Pluto was the God of the underworld.
The God with two faces was Janus.
Diana was the Goddess of hunting.

Question 7: 4-2-3
Genoa is situated in Liguria.
Naples is the biggest city in Campania.
Rome is situated in Lazio.

Question 8: 1-4-5
The sausage Mortadella is from Bologna.
The pizza has its origin in Naples.
Prosciutto is the famous ham from Parma.

Question 9: 4-5-1
Chiesa means church.
Ragazza is a girl.
Sera means evening (Buona sera).

Question 10: 2-1-6
"The birth of Venus" was painted by Botticelli.
"Madonna del Prato" was made by Giovanni Bellini.
The "Mona Lisa" is an artwork by Leonardo da Vinci.

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