How much do you know about Italy? What do you know about its people? We give you 10 questions, each divided into 3 parts. And we give you 6 answers. Make your choice and write down your answers. For every correct answer you get 1 point. If you answer correctly on all 3 parts of the same question you get 1 extrapoint, that is 4 points on that question.

All set? Good luck!

Question  1: In which cities play the following soccer-teams?

A: Chievo           1: Bologna
B: Juventus           2: Florence
C: Sampdoria           3: Genoa
            4: Palermo
            5: Turin
            6: Verona

Question  2: All of those were prime-ministers after 1980. But what are their Christian names?

A: Andreotti           1: Bettino
B: Craxi           2: Carlo
C: Prodi           3: Giulio
            4: Massimo
            5: Romano
            6: Silvio

Question  3: Which cities are situated on the following rivers?

A: Arno           1: Bari
B: Po           2: Florence
C: Tiber           3: Naples
            4: Perugia
            5: Turin
            6: Venice

Question 4: Which events of the ancient Roman Empire match the years?

A: 509 BC           1: Augustus becomes Emperor
B: 218 BC           2: Start of the First Punic War
C: 44 BC           3: Start of the Second Punic War
            4: Caesar is murdered
            5: The last King is expelled from Rome
            6: Rome is founded

Question 5: Which three parts of the Mediterranian Sea border on Italy?

  1: Adriatic Sea
  2: Aegean Sea
  3: Ionian Sea
  4: Sea of Marmara
  5: Black Sea
  6: Tirreno Sea

Question 6: Who was the Roman

A: God of the underworld           1: Diana
B: God with two faces           2: Janus
C: Goddess of hunting           3: Jupiter
            4: Neptune
            5: Pluto
            6: Vesta

Question 7: In which region can you find the following cities?

A: Genoa           1: Calabria
B: Naples           2: Campania
C: Rome           3: Lazio
            4: Liguria
            5: Lombardy
            6: Tuscany

Question 8: Where has the following food its origin?

A: Mortadella           1: Bologna
B: Pizza           2: Florence
C: Prosciutto           3: Milan
            4: Naples
            5: Parma
            6: Venice

Question 9: What about your Italian? What is the translation of the following words?

A: chiesa           1: evening
B: ragazza           2: butter
C: sera           3: cheese
            4: church
            5: girl
            6: truth

Question 10: Who are the painters of the following masterpieces?

A: The Birth of Venus           1: Giovanni Bellini
B: Madonna del Prato           2: Botticelli
C: Mona Lisa           3: Vittorio Carpaccio
            4: Andrea Mantegna
            5: Titian
            6: Leonardo da Vinci

Bernhard Kauntz, 2004

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