Answers: What do you know about Sweden?

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Some words about getting points:
Every right answer, known or guessed, gives you one point. If you answered right on all three parts of one question, you get one extrapoint, that is 4 points for this question. That makes the highest possible score of this quiz 40.

32 - 40 points: You are from Sweden. And have good general knowledge.
27 - 31 points: Marvellous. Probably you have been to Sweden a couple of times.
21 - 26 points: A good result. You can be satisfied.
14 - 20 points: All right. Your knowledge of Sweden is about average.
08 - 13 points: It wasn't much. But you know probably, where Sweden is situated.
00 - 07 points: Not enough. Not even in Sweden does it get so cold.

The right answers:

Question 1: 2-5-6
Sweden's National day is on June 6th.
The Nobel Prize is awarded on December 10th.
Lucia is celebrated on December 13th.

Question 2: 3-6-2
In Lapland there is Kiruna, the city with the largest area in the world.
The capital of Uppland is Uppsala.
In Värmland is Karlstad the largest city.

Question 3: 6-1-3
Carl Bildt was a leader of Moderaterna.
Gunnar Hedlund was a member of Centerpartiet.
Olof Palme was a member of the Social Democrats.

Question 4: 5-3-1
Globen is situated in Stockholm.
The entertainment park Liseberg can be visited in Göteborg.
The zoo Parken Zoo is found in Eskilstuna.

Question 5: 1-4-6
The names of the King's children are: Victoria, Madeleine and Carl Philipp.

Question 6: 2-4-3
Sven Hedin was a famous explorer of Asia.
Alfred Nobel invented the dynamite.
Carl von Linné named and systemized the flora.

Question 7: 3-6-1
The Union with Norway started in 1814.
In 1967 the Swedes started to drive on the right side of the road.
Gustav II Adolf died in the battle of Lützen in 1632.

Question 8: 2-3-6
Björn Borg, Stefan Edberg and Mats Wilander were tennis players.

Question 9: 3-4-2
Dill is a flavour of Läckö akvavit.
A taste of Sherry is found in Norrlands akvavit.
Herrgårds akvavit has a slight touch of whisky.

Question 10: 4-2-6
Kurt Wallander was created by Henning Mankell.
Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey was written by Selma Lagerlöf.
Miss Julie is a play by August Strindberg.

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