How much do you know about Sweden? What do you know about its people? We give you 10 questions, each divided into 3 parts. And we give you 6 answers. Make your choice and write down your answers. For every correct answer you get 1 point. If you answer correctly on all 3 parts of the same question you get 1 extrapoint, that is 4 points on that question.

All set? Good luck!

Question  1: On which day is the following celebrated?

A: National Day           1: April 30th
B: Award of the Nobel Prize           2: June 6th
C: Lucia           3: July 7th
            4: July 25th
            5: December 10th
            6: December 13th

Question  2: Which city do you find in the following regions?

A: Lapland           1: Boden
B: Uppland           2: Karlstad
C: Värmland           3: Kiruna
            4: Malmö
            5: Örebro
            6: Uppsala

Question  3: To which political party belong the following politicians?

A: Carl Bildt           1: Centerpartiet (Farmer's party)
B: Gunnar Hedlund           2: Miljöpartiet (Green party)
C: Olof Palme           3: Social Democrats
            4: Christian Democrats
            5: Vänsterpartiet (Left wing)
            6: Moderaterna (Right wing)

Question 4: In which cities can you find the following sights?

A: Globen (for multi-performance use)           1: Eskilstuna
B: Liseberg (entertainment park)           2: Gävle
C: Parken Zoo (zoo)           3: Göteborg
            4: Malmö
            5: Stockholm
            6: Uppsala

Question 5: What are the names of the King's three children

  1: Carl Philipp
  2: Fredrik
  3: Håkan
  4: Madeleine
  5: Veronica
  6: Victoria

Question 6: Who is known for the following?

A: Expert of Asia           1: Anders Celsius
B: Invention of dynamite           2: Sven Hedin
C: Categorizing of the flora           3: Carl von Linné
            4: Alfred Nobel
            5: Nathan Söderblom
            6: Raoul Wallenberg

Question 7: In which year did this happen?

A: The Union with Norway starts           1: 1632
B: Change of traffic to the right side of the road           2: 1764
C: Gustav II Adolf dies at Lützen           3: 1814
            4: 1887
            5: 1935
            6: 1967

Question 8: Which three of these sportsmen were tennis-players?

            1: Frank Andersson
            2: Björn Borg
            3: Stefan Edberg
            4: Börje Salming
            5: Ingemar Stenmark
            6: Mats Wilander

Question 9: Akvavit is a typical brandy of Scandinavia, almost always containing caraway, aniseed and fennel. Which sort has furthermore the flavour of the following?

A: Dill           1: OP Anderssons akvavit
B: Sherry           2: Herrgårds akvavit
C: Whisky           3: Läckö akvavit
            4: Norrlands akvavit
            5: Skåne akvavit
            6: Stockholms akvavit

Question 10: With which writer do you connect the following heroes?

A: Kurt Wallander           1: Marianne Fredriksson
B: Nils Holgersson           2: Selma Lagerlöf
C: Miss Julie           3: Astrid Lindgren
            4: Henning Mankell
            5: Håkan Nesser
            6: August Strindberg

Bernhard Kauntz, 2005

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