Helene (Aloisia, n. Krischke, rm. Hedqvist)

born Jul. 9, 1924 in Vienna, Austria
died Oct. 12, 1995 in Mosätt, Sveg, Sweden
image from 1958

daughter of: Heinrich Krischke, born 19.6.1885 in Botenwald near Neutitschein, Czech Rep. and Johanna (n. Pospichal), born 16.5.1891 in Schattau near Znajm (Znojmo)*), Czech. Rep., died in Vienna, 11.11.1963, daughter of Thomas Pospichal and Maria (n. Gartner), born in 1863 in Joslowitz, Czech Rep. died 4.10.1931, daughter of ? and Maria (n. Jausn)

together with Robert (Andreas) parent of: Bernhard (Andreas Franz)
together with Fred Ulshofer parent of: Ilse Krischke

Short story (in German) online: Freitod

Birth certificate
Her first school report
Her last school report
Exam after her apprenticeship
Assignment to war-duty in WWII
Application for a job - look at her handwiriting! It looks like printed.
Letter of reference as typewriter
Trying to get her novels published - in vain, though
Letter of reference as supervisor - she was really proud of this job.
Swedish citizenship
And she was a good mother as well. Thank you.

*) Death certificate for Johanna Krischke (n. Pospichal)

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